Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why draw?

I have always liked to draw, always been using colors.
But suddenly I stopped. If I did some drawing it was without colors and always something to do with clothes or history. And after I while that got boring. I think it was because it didn't change or give me anything. Or was it because I got scared?
It got to serious and my work got judged at school and because I always think I can do better- never 100% happy, I was to nervous to see my drawings etc. get criticized. It's not that I'm nervous what other people would think about the things I like or do, it's about me! I don't want me to judge myself which I do when I show my work for other people.

What I normally draw

Today we got our result back from last unit and I was more then happy about my mark. But it clearly sad- MORE DRAWINGS!

So yes I will! For this new project I will do some more drawings.YES!

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