Locations and events

I am in Norwich, studying the third term of the second year at NUCA. 

Third year at NUCA
Washington Capitals, Hat order 2011, USA
Private dress order, 2011, Sweden


Private wedding oder, 2011, England
Assessment of work, 2011, Norwich UK
Work experience with Anne Hellandsjö, 2011, Stockholm Sweden
Weapons and films, May 2011, Norwich
Ectoplasm work, February 2011, Norwich
Exchange program at Osaka Seikei University Faculty of the Art, Textile and Fashion program, Autumn 2010, Japan
Private wedding order, sept, 2010, Lincolnshire, UK
A la London, Fashion Market aug 11 2010, Gothenburg SWE
Assessment of project: May 2010,  Norwich UK
Assessment of project: March 2010, Norwich UK
African Clothing, april - june 2009, Ashanti region, Ghana
Private wedding order, december 2007, Edinburgh UK
Highland Clothing and Kilt seemstress, 2008-2009 Edinburgh UK
Clothes in Bang Bang, Brick Lane stores, 2008, London UK
Private orders, Notting Hill, 2007-2008 London UK
Private wedding order, august 2006, Stockholm
Fashion Show at Sturecompagniet, Stockholm, 2005
Fashion Show at the Modern Museum, Stockholm, 2005
Exhibition at the Modern Museum, Stockholm, 2004,
Fashion Show at the Modern Museum, Stockholm, 2004