Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nytt projekt- Farewell

Nu har vi startat ett nytt projekt. Valfritt denna gång vilket betyder att jag får göra det jag verkligen brinner för. Stor skillnad på kvaliten på arbetet jag gör nu också. Bara ett par veckor kvar tills vi ska redovisa. Tills dess ska jag ha klart en sketch book, research book, en kostym, flera tryckta och broderade prover, en fotografisk film och 2 mood boards.

Projektet är inspirerad av Karin Boyes dikt "Avsked" och gamla svartvita fotografier.

I would have woken you to a nakedness like a naked
spring evening,
when the stars overflow
and the Earth burns beneath melting snow.
I would have seen you just once sink into the darkness of creative chaos, would have seen your eyes like a wide-opened space, ready to be filled, would have seen your hands like blossoming flowers, empty, new, awaiting.  You  leave, and nothing of this have I given you. I never reached, where your soul lies bare. You go, and you take nothing of me with you - leaving me to my defeat.  I remember another farewell: we were hurled from the crucible as one being, and when we were parted, we no longer knew what was I or you ... But you - like a bowl of glass you have left my hand, so complete as only a dead thing and so unchangeable, with no memories other than light fingermarks which are washed away in water.  I would have woken you to a formlessness like a formless flickering flame, which at last finds its living shape, its own ... Defeat, oh defeat!

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