Thursday, January 6, 2011

Per Oscar Heinrich Oscarsson

January 28, 1927 – December 30, 2010

To the great actor with the sad end

"On the evening of 30 December 2010, a fire started in the house of Per Oscarsson and his wife Kia Östling. On December 31 a relative found the house burned to the ground with only the foundation and chimney remaining. Oscarsson had not been heard from since the fire. A body was discovered in the ruins of the house on 2 January 2011, and was presumed by police to be either the body of Oscarsson or that of his wife. A second body was discovered on 3 January 2011, which increased the possibility that both Oscarsson and his wife perished in the fire.On 5 January 2011, the deaths of Oscarsson and his wife were confirmed through the Swedish police."

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