Sunday, May 1, 2011

Insjöns Väveri

We visited the weaving mill in Insjön called "Insjöns väveri" while being in Dalarna last week. They are royal warrant-holders and they use the worlds oldest mechanical hand weaving machines in the world and everything looks like it's the 50's...but a bit more dust on top of it. I don't know that much about weaving, but this caught my attention and made me realise that weaving can be interesting...and of course, time consuming. Because I brought my friend Kat from uni and told the popele that worked there, that she was a student from England we got a private viewing of the place. I should use that fact a bit more often.

The warp is being threaded by hand and everything is being cut by hand. They use cotton and linen- and together it makes a stronger outcome and material.

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