Monday, June 27, 2011

Seeds of a Chinese spring

Ai Weiwei is a chinese artist and political activist. he is also active in architecture,photography, film, and social and cultural criticism. as a political activist, he has been highly and openly critical of the chinese government's democracy and human rights.

On the 3 april, ai was arrested just before catching a flight to hong kong and his studio facilities were searched.They took away laptops and the hard drive from the main computer. While media reported on 6 april that ai was arrested at the airport because "his departure procedures were incomplete," the chinese ministry of foreign affairs said on 7 april that ai was arrested under investigation for alleged economic crimes. But the chinese media has finally report that ai weiwei has been released on bail. Finally!

Read more here link or go and see his work! Sadly i missed his work at tate this spring where
millions of hand-painted sunflower seeds of porcelain was covering the floor of the old turbine hall at tate. Porslin has always been china's most famous export and the seeds of the exhibition was painted by hundreds of porcelain workers in the small town of Jingdezhen. the work, payment, and the terrible conditions that china's working class striving for, was documented in a film.

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