Saturday, August 27, 2011


A film from "This is not Fashion" collection 2006 (My first brand from 2004).
Just got the material back for this after years.

"This is not Fashion" collection has not change much during these 7 years. I didn't want to create a collection that change each season or year. I wanted to make an untouched feeling which you can build on and upgrade without being predictable or boring.

I also try to use as much second hand material as possible for the enviroment and each garment is unique and just for You. I wanted to create a garment that you could use year after year with a pair of H&M trousers without it to be "the last season" or boring and something that you normaly only would wear for that season in style only.

THIS IS NOT FASHION (TINF) is not a fashion brand, its a life style brand.

So it does not matter how tall or short you are, how much money you got on your bank account, what music you listen to, what other brands you normally wear, what you work with, who your friends are, where you live and where you come from, if you're into politic or not, size 6 or 16...we are all different, so should also the clothes we wear be

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