Friday, September 16, 2011


Spent my last day in Sweden at Nordiska Museet (the museum of Swedish trends and traditions) to do some research and get some inspiration for my project. This was, and still is, my favorite museum all time! Always spent hours at the museum when I was younger. Went with my grandmother a few times every year and I always dreamt and wished that she would forget or loose me so I could stay there. Was very nostalgic when I got back yesterday and the time went by to fast. The museum was build in the late 1800 and my great grandfathers was one of many builders. Tourists also think that Nordiska Museet is the castle (actually looks more like a proper castle then the real one in Stockholm)

Photos from my walk to the museum yesterday

Photo of Nordiska museet from Strandvägen
 Rain and gray weather

The museum

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