Thursday, October 27, 2011


Playing around with the layout of the mood board
Colour and patterns

We got, at the beginning of the term, a brief from the Start-rite shoe company to design 2 shoes for kids. It had to be an interchangeble beach shoe.
We have all been a bit stressed working with this project. Mainly becuase its something we never done before.

I'm finaly done with my two designs. It's the "3-in-1 shoe" and "The crunch shoe". Used my own pattern which might not be the ideal for kids shoes (tanks, machine guns etc), but I liked the idea of bringing my Studio work into my design.

Because I'm very traditional when it comes to the illustration of the shoe, (I'm not a master at Photoshop and Illustrator) I cut all pieces out by hand and glued each colour on top of each other to make the shoe and shades.

Deadline tomorrow

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